30 Day Challenge - 5:30am Wake Up

It's been about 8 months since my last 30 day challenge, programming using the MEAN stack. I still love the idea of a 30 day challenge, improving on one specific »

My choices for the NBA League Pass Allstars - 2014-2015 Edition

I wrote this post more than almost 8 months ago but realized I never posted it. Now that we are to the NBA Finals, I might as well post it »

First 30 Day Challenge: Programming the MEAN Stack

Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn says: "If you're not embarrassed of the first version of your product then you've launched too late." I guess I haven't launched too late! I »

Paparazzi Birdfeeder Design Sprint with DXLab Design

Ted, Andrew, and I met at Triangle Startup Weekend this past April to work on Ted's idea: Paparazzi Bird Feeder. We built a foamboard prototype of a birdhouse that senses »

NBA DRAFT 2014!!!!

I love the draft. All of these years of following high school recruits and watching them play in college. Trying to guess what these players are going to be doing »

Trying to Decide What My Site Should Be..

I've wanted to blog regularly for several years now, but never kept it up. I also haven't found a platform that I felt would encompass what I wanted to accomplish »